What is the difference between lip balms & lip butters?

What is the difference between lip balms & lip butters?

Lip butter is a modern and natural variation of lip balms. Lip balms typically have a waxy texture, while lip butters have a creamier feel. This difference is often due to a plant butter base like shea, avocado, or mango.

What are some of the best ingredients used in a lip butter?

To create high-quality lip butter, prioritize natural and nourishing ingredients like beeswax, hemp oil,, shea, cocoa , mango butter and vitamin E oil. Vitamin E is used as an antioxidant which helps the oils from going rancid as well as being nourishing to the lips.

Some of our lip butters contain propolis which is an ingredient made by honey bees. Honey bees make propolis to help protect their hive from viruses and bacteria since propolis is anti-bacterial & anti-fungal. We are beekeepers as well and collect propolis from our own hives.

We use natural lip flavor oil or essential oils to provide skin safe flavor. Our lip butters contain only natural ingredients and is safer than commercially based products. This is great particularly for those individuals that have a sensitivity to chemicals found in some commercially made balms & butters.

Beeluxe Naturals provides a sustainable product that nourishes the lips with natural ingredients. We do not include ingredients such as coconut oil or lanolin as they are common ingredients that cause allergens in some people.

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