Shampoo bars

Shampoo bars

What is a shampoo bar? Are there different types available?

Why am I having trouble with it? How can I optimize my use? Is it possible to find eco-friendly options?
Learn about the benefits of choosing a natural shampoo bar for a sustainable hair care routine. Understand the difference between soap-based and detergent-based bars. Soap-based bars contain natural ingredients like oils, butters, and sodium hydroxide, and are typically made using the cold process method with a PH of around 10.

Detergent-based bars, also known as syndet bars, may have added natural ingredients but are primarily made with surfactants and are often marketed as soap-free. Popular examples of syndet bars include those from Lush.

How can you tell which type of bar you have?

Simply check the ingredients list - soap-based bars will list sodium-based ingredients and glycerin, while detergent-based bars will have a different list of surfactants and may advertise themselves as soap-free. Which type of shampoo are.

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