Handmade Artisan Soaps


Discover the Craft of Handmade Artisan Soaps - Ethically and Sustainably Made.


Our products are crafted with high quality ingredients, ensuring safety and effectiveness. Support a cruelty-free and sustainable company. Quality and sustainability are at the core of our soap crafting process.


We use the cold process method of soap making. This method helps preserve the natural properties of the ingredients, ensuring a high-quality product. We use high quality oils, butters, botanicals and colors and combine it with lye to make lovely soap bars. We range from bars that are for sensitive skin to regular skin. Do you have a skin condition like Eczema or Psoriasis try our oatmeal or calendula soap.

All of our bars are 6.5 oz or 180 g they are large bars. We scent them with various essential oils that are skin safe. We add some colors with mica powders or clays for their skin enhancing benefits or just for a bit of fun. Soap making is an art and it lets us be creative.

Our soaps are made for both women & men. A couple favorites in our men collection are cedarwood or working hands soap. We have soaps that are soothing with lavender oil well known for its calming benefits and refreshing soaps like our lemongrass and eucalyptus soap.

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